Oct 21st – Rue’s Really Nice Breast Cancer Awareness Bracelet [SOLD]

Rue’s Bracelet Spectacle will start the 10-day count down to completion tomorrow; wait as long as it takes to get the price down where it works for you, but don’t wait too long or someone else will get YOUR bracelet! Today we have a piece that was very important to Rue – her Breast Cancer Awareness Bracelet. Rue had several different Breast Cancer Awareness bracelets, but this one was the nicest. First, it has a sterling silver ribbon on it. Second, there are nine pink Swarovski Crystals. And third, this bracelet is a metal wrap bracelet and it opens up to be a FOOT LONG! Certainly, this piece will fit anyone’s wrist. We don’t know if the metal beads are real gold or silver, but the piece has a very “substantial” feel to it. This is definitely NOT your typical fundraiser give away. Did you know Rue was a breast cancer survivor? She had it in the late ’90s and had a lumpectomy and did both chemo and radiation. The poor thing lost all of her hair and, as an actress, that was a particularly tough knock. But, being Rue, she selflessly posed without her wig for a National tabloid so other woman could see that she wasn’t embarrassed and they shouldn’t be either! Personally, I think she looks absolutely beautiful in the photos. I remember when she told me about the experience – we were in the back of a limousine going through Central Park – and when she remembered the fear she started crying. She had been so afraid that she was going to die. But she didn’t, she lived another 14 years after the breast cancer. During that time, Rue did a lot of fundraisers for breast cancer research and helped raise a lot of money for victims of the horrible disease. She wore this bracelet with pride. Comes with copies of the tabloid articles shown, copies of the photos of Rue when she lost her hair, and a Certificate of Authenticity.


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