Oct 28th – Rue’s Ornate German Jet Filigree Reverse Bracelet [SOLD]

There are only three bracelets after this one in Rue’s October Bracelet Madness – don’t start freaking out yet, but you might want to think about making that move. The prices will fall, but only to a certain point, so don’t miss that point. Here we have a very old, ornate piece from Germany. It is made of the black glass that the French call “Jet.” The five almost broach-like links are gorgeous on both the front and the back; heck, even the two sides of the closure are over-the-top beautiful. We’ve never seen such intricate filigree work on the BACK side of a piece before – too bad you couldn’t wear it flipped over because the back is just as amazing as the front. A prong-set marquis on one of the smaller links has popped out – no doubt Rue was doing something she shouldn’t have while wearing this piece – but we have the stone. You could have it set back in the setting – all the prongs are there, one is just slightly bent – but we chose not to have it repaired since we try and sell all Rue’s things exactly as she last used them. We’ll put the stone in the box, and leave the decision up to you. But look at the picture, if you weren’t looking for it, would you even notice the one that was missing? The central oval plaque is 2″ x .75″ and the 2 smaller ones on each side are .75 x .75. The whole piece measures about 7.25″ long and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.


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