Oct 30th – Another One of Rue’s Michaela Frey Team Gold and Enamel Bangles (Price Dropped Once) [SOLD]

Here we are, the penultimate bracelet in Rue’s October Bracelet Festivity. We posted one of Rue’s Michaela Frey Team bangles early on in this adventure and the price dropped ELEVEN TIMES before it sold. We doubt that will happen this time, but you never know and that’s what makes this exciting. You can go to the earlier bracelet to read all the blah, blah, blah about how substantial this piece is because I want to use this space to tell you a story instead. First, you see in that sort of cheesy photo for a German magazine’s photo shoot Rue is wearing this piece under that prop script. You can also see it in the picture with her holding her cat, Miss Bianca. (I remember when sweet Bianca died; Rue took her out and buried her in the backyard of her Manhattan apartment at five in the morning.) What I want to tell you about is that last couple of pictures where Rue is wearing this piece. Those were taken in the music room of her apartment the day a couple of song writers came over to play her some tunes for possible inclusion in her Broadway Show. She has her hand on her chest because she was overwhelmed by a slowed down version of “Thank You for Being a Friend” that the pianist and composer had arranged and just played on her piano. She decided right then that she would close her show with his version – it was a touching moment. If you’ve never listened to the full version of that song, I highly recommend it, the lyrics are beautiful. This special bracelet comes with prints of all the photos shown and a Certificate of Authenticity from Estate of Rue.

$500 NOW $220 (Average selling price of all 25 bracelets sold so far.)

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