Oct 4th – Michaela Frey Team Bracelet from Vienna (Price Dropped ElevenTimes) [SOLD]

Day four of Rue’s Bracelet Spectacular – should you buy or wait and see? Rue was crazy about these Michaela Frey Team bracelets. Apparently, they are very unique and individual, and the process used to create these pieces is complicated and time consuming – many layers of enamel and even real powdered 24KT gold put in at the end and blasted into the surface – and so they are VERY expensive and highly collectible. If you do a quick search on the Internet you’ll see what we are going on about. Anyway, when Rue went to Vienna to do a play right after “The Golden Girls” went off the air she wasn’t feeling so great – understandably – and so she liked to walk around the city during the day and shop. She found these Michaela Frey bracelets, they cheered her up, she was rich, so she started her collection. We don’t know the name of this particular piece, but it is a genuine Michaela Frey Team bangle, purchased by Rue in Vienna, and worn by her for the last dozen years of her life. Comes with a Certificate of Authenticity from Estate of Rue.

$500, $450, $400, $375, $350, $325, $300, $275, $250, $225, $200 NOW $180

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