Oct 5th – Pair of Rue’s Brass “Boho-Style” Cuffs (Price Dropped Once) [SOLD]

The bracelet sale continues – prices are dropping and the first piece has sold. Let’s see what happens when we go with something less expensive to start with. Although this pair of bracelets may not be what you’d expect a “star” to wear, they are indicative of the type of person Rue really was: she had cases full of fine jewelry, gold and silver, and yet she chose to wear these relatively inexpensive brass cuffs for a “People Magazine” photo shoot. Rue wore these cuffs – together or separately – for over 30 years! She really didn’t need fancy, designer, or expensive at all – although she knew how to pull off all of those looks – she usually just bought what she liked and then stuck with it. You will see one or both of these cuffs pop up on Rue in images throughout the decades. They come with a Certificate of Authenticity.

$200 NOW $180

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