Oct 7th – Sterling Silver and ? Line/Tennis Bracelet (These aren’t real diamonds, right?) [SOLD]

Rue’s bracelet adventure continues, and it is about to get dangerous. Here is the thing: Rue had several “tennis” or “line” bracelets. She specifically said one time: “One of them is real, but the rest are paste.” We’ve never understood what “paste” means when it comes to jewelry, we just think of that white gunk we used to glue things to construction paper with in grade school, and it didn’t dry looking like diamonds…but we digress. Anyway, when we held the Beverly Hills Auction, they identified one of Rue’s line bracelets we gave them to auction as “real” and so we have assumed the others are all “paste.” Therefore, here is one of Rue’s sterling silver and “paste” tennis/line bracelets. It is sterling silver and marked 925 and if these were real diamonds they would certainly be in platinum or white gold, right? There is a double safety clasp, but that doesn’t mean they are real diamonds, that could just mean a particularly safety conscious jewelry designer created the piece. This bracelet sparkles like crazy under the lights, and you can see it has all kinds of Rue McClanahan dust, lint and hair spray underneath the stones, so can you imagine how it would explode if it were cleaned? That still doesn’t mean that these are real diamonds, paste can sparkle too, you know? Here is the deal: if you buy this bracelet and it turns out that these are real diamonds, congratulations, but keep it to yourself. Certainly Rue’s son would have to finally recognize our complete lack of competence to do this job – what was Rue thinking? – and he would take away the camera and computer and send us packing. By the way, the reason Rue could pull off costume jewelry was that because “The Golden Girls” runs around the clock, everyone assumed she was a gazillionaire and so, of course, her sparklers would be real. Whether these are real or paste, when people hear you bought this bracelet from the Estate of RUe McClanahan, they are all going to make the same assumption – so it just doesn’t matter what they are made of, does it? The important thing is that the bracelet was Rue’s! Comes with a Certificate of Authenticity from Estate of Rue.


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