Oct 9th – Art Deco Silver Filigree Bracelet (Price Dropped Nine Times) [SOLD]

Here is a special bracelet for day 9 of Rue’s bracelet bash. While we know the price will drop each day on this piece, we are confident that someone will snap it up before too long. You seen this is exactly the type of piece that kept Rue strolling through antique stores all her life; she loved finding unique jewelry that no one else would be wearing. This is an early Art Deco Era or late roaring 20′s sterling silver, openwork filigree bracelet. It has three central diagonal green stones – that we are assuming are not real emeralds, but you never know – and they are flanked by rhinestones. There are 23-rectangular planks and a double closure marked with the makers initials – J.H.R. A kind woman who has a reference book about old jewelry marks looked it up for us and those initials indicate the piece was made by J.H.Peckham & Sons, and they operated a jewelry making business in Massachusetts back in the day. The nice lady also told us that since this piece is so wide – a full inch – that makes it particularly unique. There you have it, the perfect Rue piece. Comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.

$500, $450, $400, $375, $350, $325, $300, $275, $250 NOW $225

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