One of Rue McClanahan’s Printed Prescription Items [SOLD]

Yes, we realize this could be thought of as “in poor taste.” However, when we were going through Rue’s Manhattan apartment with her son, and we came across all the prescription bottles and boxes – Rue was discharged from the hospital with 13 different medications, and then had just the normal old ones around, too – we realized that she would’ve been the first one to roar with laughter at the thought of someone putting one of these in their own medicine cabinet. Can you imagine a guest sneaking a peak in your medicine chest and seeing Rue’s name? How are they going to ask about it and not give away that they were snooping? Anyway, Rue’s son wholeheartedly agreed that his mother would’ve thought it a hoot, and he pointed out she was very clear: “…EVERYTHING is to be made available to my fans.” Then, we saw an article about Marilyn Monroe’s old script bottles going for over $18,000 and realized we absolutely had to offer these on the site. If it offends you, please move on. If you’re thinking what we’re thinking though, this just might be one of the best investments of your life! Each bottle or box will come with a Certificate of Authenticity from Estate of Rue. PLEASE NOTE! This price is for ONE prescription bottle!


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