One of Rue’s Antique Cracked Glaze Porcelain Platters from England [SOLD]

As we’ve written before, Rue loved delicate, feminine items, particularly those with little flowers on them – this old hand-painted platter is exactly one of those pieces Rue could NOT pass up in an antique store. Rue’s doorman told us he always knew when Ms. McClanahan was out of town because the boxes from her shopping expeditions would start arriving at the building. Rue adored the feeling of history that came with cracked glaze, too, and her imagination could take her to all the previous owners and the years and years of use that an item went through to get to her; she felt a responsibility to the piece, in a way. Anyway, she stored her fine porcelain items in a mahogany sideboard in her Manhattan apartment – in the background of the photo shown – and that was where we found this 13″ platter. We’ve also posted a shot from the initial inventory after Rue passed and you can see this platter partially slid under the sideboard. The piece was originally made by a British firm and was purchased by Rue during her travels abroad. Many people will not “get” why one would want a piece such as this, but for those who do “get it,” you will become next in a line of ownership of this old piece – a line of ownership that includes “Golden Girl” Rue McClanahan – and it will become your responsibility to preserve it and then someday, long from now we hope, you will pass it on to the next owner with the story of how you came to own it and who it belonged to before you. Comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.

$275 NOW $137.50

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