One of Rue’s Chargers from Spain [SOLD]

When Rue was in Spain she fell in love with these large, hand-painted ceramic chargers. Being Rue, she bought dozens of them and shipped them back to California – her dining room at the Encino house sat 24! As we’ve written before, it something had a purpose, then it didn’t matter how beautiful, rare, or expensive it was, Rue was going to use it for its intended purpose. Many of Rue’s chargers were broken at various functions and during some of the moves, but some have survived. We think the reason there are any left at all is because they had holes in the back so they could be hung on walls and Rue did exactly that with many of them. You can see the edge of a couple of the chargers in her Manhattan apartment in the first picture. This particular plate is 13.5″ across and signed “Figas.” It does have the holes for hanging and it probably ought to be because it is a work of art in near perfect condition. Comes with copies of the photos shown and a Certificate of Authenticity from Estate of Rue.


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