One of Rue’s Framed And SIGNED (Under Frame!) Doodles [SOLD]

Rue’s son wants every Doodle that his mother created to be scanned before it leaves the office. So, when we come across a framed piece like this one, we have to cut the back, dismantle the custom frame, and remove and scan the piece. We hate cutting into the back and damaging the finished work of art, but thank God we did this time. It turns out what we thought was an unsigned Doodle is actually signed, it is just that the signed part is under the edge of the frame. (Click on the center of the photos so the word “Next” disappears and then you can see it. Or go all the way to the end of the pictures and use the “Prev” key.) Rue signed the doodle “Rue McC” right along the bottom right corner. You can’t see that when the piece is in the frame, so perhaps you’ll want to re-frame it, but that will be up to you. The piece itself is 9″ x 10″ and the frame is 11″x 11″. Rue’s signed Doodle comes with a Certificate of Authenticity from Estate of Rue.


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