One of Rue’s Loose Gem Stones [SOLD]

What is it? A tourmaline? A tsavorite garnet? Chrome diopside? Fluorite? As usual, we have no idea. We don’t think it is an emerald – remember, we found a receipt for a 3-carat emerald and tore up Rue’s house until we found the stone wrapped in a tissue in a junk drawer (oh, Rue!) – but what if this is actually the stone and the other one is a less expensive mineral? Let’s not even go there, or we’ll second guess everything and nothing will ever get done. So, this large, 3-carat ish NON-EMERALD, belonged to Rue and was part of her loose stone collection, which she used to have custom jewelry made. You can see this stone on the second level in her stone case, all the way to the left, and you can see the case itself with the rest of her jewelry collection in her apartment during the filming of this television thing we did – it is to the left, under the sound guy’s boom. The 3/8″ x 2.5/8″ stone comes with a Certificate of Authenticity from estate of Rue.


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