One of Rue’s Loose Jewels – Golden or Imperial Topaz [SOLD]

This is a “pear cut” stone. Did you know the world’s largest cut diamond is a pear cut? It is the “Cullinan” and it is mounted in the British Royal Scepter. What does that have to do with Rue’s loose jewel? Nothing, really, we just came upon the fact during our research and thought it was interesting. As we’ve written in the past, and as you can see from the first photo of some of Rue’s jewelry collection spread out in the living room of her Manhattan apartment, RUE LOVED JEWELRY! There is a little faux alligator case to the left in that photo and Rue carried her loose gemstones inside. We even found a photo of her bent over a table examining stones for a purchase. This particular jewel she picked up during her trip to either Brazil or Africa, and it is either a golden or an imperial topaz. If it is the former, you’ll be getting a great deal, if it is the later, we ought to never be allowed to post another thing because we’ll be giving away a rare, expensive stone for next to nothing. Isn’t this exciting? In either case, we’ll include a Certificate of Authenticity from Estate of Rue – just attesting to the fact that the jewel was Rue’s, since we aren’t certain which type of jewel it is – and we’ll include prints of the photos shown.


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