One of Rue’s Original Signed Doodles [SOLD]

Rue loved to doodle and she could often be found doing so between takes and while waiting for action to commence. This particular piece is 20-years-old and measures 10″ x 12″. This doodle wasn’t done in Rue’s “normal” intricate style, rather, this piece tells a story, sends a message, and does a spot-on job of capturing Rue’s personal philosophy of life AND the reason she became a success. The underlying theme is BE YOURSELF NO MATTER WHAT OTHER PEOPLE THINK OR SAY, and Rue transmits her belief by having the cat, Miss Mippity, learn to walk in heels even though this is contrary to “the Rules” – brilliant! This original, signed piece comes with prints of the photos shown of Rue doodling – and one of the art critic “Lu” surveying some of Rue’s pieces on her office floor – and a Certificate of Authenticity.


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