One of Rue’s Stuffed Bears – Sawyer from Habitat for Humanity [SOLD]

Most fans of Rue McClanahan know that she was active in animal charity organizations, but many do not know that Rue’s fundraising and care extended to human causes as well. In addition to working tirelessly for breast cancer organizations, Rue gave her time and money to charities that feed and house people. Rue believed that it was important to keep people alive, to feed and house them, SO THEY COULD HELP ANIMALS! There is a certain Rue logic there. One of the people charities that Rue supported was Habitat for Humanity, and so people there sent her one of their official mascot bears – “Sawyer.” Habitat for Humanity could not have picked a better gift to give Rue McClanahan because, again, as most fans know, Rue was bonkers for stuffed animals. She used to try and play it off that she kept them all over her houses in case people with small children came to visit, but she gave up that sham over the years and just admitted that she loved having them around. In fact, she would pose for magazine interview photos with stacks of stuffed animals from her vast collection all around her. Go Rue! This particular stuffed bear measures about a foot high and is approximately 10.5″ wide at the widest point. Comes with a Certificate of Authenticity from Estate of Rue.


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