One of Rue’s Stunning Outfits (*UPDATE)[SOLD]

Rue wore this stunning velvet burnout top and pants with a green silk shell that MIGHT have come from “The Golden Girls.” Rue often had gussets added to her silk shells from “The Golden Girls” so she could continue to wear them as she, um, how do we write this? As she filled out over the years. Anyway, the pants are elastic waisted, and the jacket or cover-up is quite large and flowing. This is a truly beautiful outfit. Rue’s two-piece velvet burnout outfit comes with the silk shell that she wore with it, and a Certificate of Authenticity from Estate of Rue.

*UPDATE – An eagle-eyed fan recognized this outfit as the one Rue was wearing while she was being interviewed for her “Intimate Portrait,” which was filmed in 2000. We have posted a screen grab from the show.


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