One of The Hats Rue Made While Filming “Sordid Lives” [SOLD]

Rue made a lot of pillbox hats while she was filming the series “Sordid Lives;” you can see part of the collection in the photo posted, which was taken in the living room of her Manhattan apartment. Her character was a church going woman and Rue just felt like she would wear these dainty little hats, and since they couldn’t find the perfect ones in the stores, she decided to just make them. She cut a pattern, bought some material, some do-dads, some what-cha-call-its, and then she got to work. Although she didn’t wear them all in the series – she couldn’t, because she literally became a one-woman, pillbox hat factory and kicked out A LOT of hats – she did make them ALL in between takes on the set and in the evenings at the hotel. This particular pillbox has some of the feathers Rue found during her daily walks around town. This Rue made treasure comes with a Certificate of Authenticity from Estate of Rue.


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