Original Portrait of the “Girls” from Cocoanut Grove Party [SOLD]

Every so often a photo may catch the true nature of a person, but it is very rare that a photo can capture the true nature of FOUR people, and yet this one does. Look at their faces and you’ll see it plain as day. Certain character traits or truths are right there for everyone to see. Anyway, Rue loved this picture. You can see she kept it on the top right shelf in her home office. Like so many other pictures that were important to Rue, she placed this one in one of those ’80s plastic frames that – thankfully – preserved the photograph beautifully. This 8″ x 10″ portrait was taken at the famous Cocoanut Grove nightclub at a party the producers of “The Golden Girls” threw to honor the 100th episode. It was a big night. The producers – Danny Thomas’ son and Marlo’s brother, Tony Thomas, and the married couple Susan Harris and Paul Witt – even gave each of the “girls” an inscribed Tiffany & Co. 18kt gold watch that night. This original professional photograph comes with a Certificate of Authenticity from Estate of Rue.


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