Original Signed Check with Lighting Bill [SOLD]

You might recall the pack of bills and checks we sold for the lighting in Rue’s California yard, if not, let us remind you – Rue paid over $50,000 for yard lights! Anyway, here is a small bill for a couple transformers with the original signed check from Rue; the check, of course, has Rue McClanahan’s original signature. Despite the outrageous amount of money spent, today it was all worth it. Last year when we were out in California, we shot some pictures of how the yard had come in 20-years down the road. As you can see from the before and after trellis shots, Rue’s vision really came to fruition. You can see one of the yard lights in the foreground in the shot of Rue’s backyard that she took with her father and stepmother strolling around admiring it. We’ll include prints of the images shown, including one of Rue taken during the renovation of the property, and a Certificate of Authenticity.

$175 NOW $87.50

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