Original, Signed “Doodle” from Rue’s Manhattan Apartment [SOLD]

We probably don’t need to write much about this piece, it speaks for iteself. By now, you probably know that Rue “doodled” – as she called it – all the time. Betty White talks about how Rue used to doodle on “The Golden Girls” scripts on the video she made for Rue’s Facebook page – “The Official Rue McClanahan Memorial Facebook Page.” Rue had some of her more intricate doodles framed and kept them on the walls of her California houses and NYC apartments, and this is one of them. In addition to her elaborate drawings, this particular doodle is special because of the writing Rue did on it, and the intimate peak inside her heart the words reveal. This original work of art, signed by Rue McClanahan, comes with a Certificate of Authenticity from Estate of Rue.


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