Psychedelic Caftan Costume [SOLD]

In 1989 during hiatus from “The Golden Girls,” Rue made a movie for CBS in Spain with Tony Randall and Stephanie Zimbalist called “The Man in the Brown Suit” (aka “Agatha Christie’s The Man in the Brown Suit”). In it, she played a wealthy character named Suzy Blair and her clothes were fabulous. Of course, Rue contracted for all the costumes, as she always did. This psychedelic caftan with a matching scarf was an outfit Rue particularly enjoyed and she wore it after the film, both professionally on other shows and personally. You can watch the entire movie here and see Rue in the caftan at about 46:00. This is a one-size fits all type flowing garment It comes with an original Polaroid of Rue wearing the caftan and a DVD of the scene when she wears it in the movie.


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