Questionable Chanel Bag [SOLD]

We’re not saying Rue McClanahan would go out on the streets and buy a “fake” Chanel bag, but we’re also not saying she wouldn’t have her personal shopper do it! If this is a knock-off Chanel, it is a good one. It looks and feels so luxurious. However, we can’t find a receipt or any registration number and so we aren’t going to take any chances. All we can assure you is: Rue owned it (you can see it hanging in her closet next to the host from the reel shot in her apartment), she proudly carried it, and it is in great shape. The bag measures over 9″ wide and almost 6″ high, with a 44″ chain and leather strap. It comes with a Certificate of Authenticity from the Estate of Rue about Rue’s ownership, but no C of A from Chanel about whether or not they made it (we honestly don’t know for sure).


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