Reversible Waterproof Coat [New Price] [SOLD]

Rue was able to wear this very practical, reversible, waterproof coat like an elegant garment because of the slight sheen and the versatile collar. She wore it to Broadway openings and charity appearances when the weather was sketchy and she knew there would be press. It is bronze on one side and black on the other. The collar can be worn bunched up or down, looking like a shrug or separate shawl. Both looks are unique and dramatic. Although there is no tag, because she wore it over suits or multiple layers, it is at minimum a women’s large, and perhaps even an XL. NOTE ADDED LATER – We found a carrying case for the coat with Rue’s purses and have added photos of the same. The piece is in excellent condition and comes with two 4″ x 6″ prints of pictures of Rue wearing the coat – the recently discovered carrying bag – and a Certificate of Authenticity from estate of Rue.


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