Ring Rue Bought in Laguna Beach, California [SOLD]

Rue bought this ring in the ’90s in Laguna Beach, California. When asked about the ring once she said, and I quote: “I bought it in Laguna Beach and it was very expensive.” Rue rarely commented on the price of something because she rarely paid attention, so the very fact that she knew this ring was expensive meant it must have cost a bundle! However, we can find no similar ring on the internet and we don’t know where she bought it in Laguna Beach, and we don’t even know if the black stones on the side are something precious or semi-precious. Therefore, this might just be the deal of the century, but with nothing further to go on than “it was expensive” we are spinning a wheel and marking the price as you see listed below. Comes with a Certificate of Authenticity from Estate of Rue.


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