Rue Made Kleenex Box Cover [SOLD]

We can not tell you just how long Rue spent creating this Kleenex box cover, but it was a LONG, LONG time. First of all, she was using this really thick fabric left over from covering an easy chair in her living room, and that stuff was like sewing through cement. Then, she built the cardboard framing and couldn’t quite get the dimensions correct, so she was adding layers of bubble wrap and scraps of cardboard just to get it the right size; finally, she just colored in the margins with a black Sharpie to, hopefully, make them disappear with the final product. She ended up using pieces of a box with a note her best girlfriend Sue had written her on it and it makes for a fun quote inside the frame. Being Rue, she lined the cover in a pink satiny-type fabric – hand stitched, of course. When she was done with this creation, it was proudly displayed on her $20,000 handmade, museum quality coffee table in the living room of her Manhattan apartment. It sat there, used daily, for the rest of her life, too! That was Rue, she thoroughly enjoyed her projects. Comes with prints of all the photos shown and a Certificate of Authenticity from Estate of Rue.


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