Rue McClanahan’s Socio-Economic History as Told By Her Salt & Pepper Sets [SOLD]

For many years, Rue used the wooden salt shaker and pepper mill that were a gift from one of her many weddings. They were big and rigid, and the mill was difficult to use and stressful. Rue never would have selected the set for herself, but they were thrust upon her, like so many things during those dark, early years. But then, she got rid of whatever marriage produced the set, and eventually let go of the need for a husband at all. Rue’s career took off and she gained true emotional and financial independence. While performing in a theatrical production in Europe, Rue purchased a pair of expensive, hand-painted, delicate porcelain salt and pepper shakers for herself and had them shipped to her home in California. They were light and beautiful, easy to work with, joyful even. Their little floral faces smiled up at Rue from her sunny breakfast nook and made her happy. As a performer, as a woman, as a human being, Rue truly came into her own. There is a lesson here somewhere, we aren’t quite sure where, but perhaps you’ll figure it out while grinding or sprinkling with Rue’s two salt & pepper sets. Comes with one Certificate of Authenticity listing both sets.


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