Rue & Morrow’s Wedding Clock [SOLD]

Rue and her sixth husband Morrow were married at the Waldorf Astoria in Manhattan on Christmas Day of 1997. One of the guests presented the two of them with this wall clock that commemorated the occasion of their union. Although the marriage didn’t last, the clock is still going strong. You can see it in a zillion pictures since it hung on the kitchen wall of Rue’s Manhattan apartment for as long as she owned the place. In fact, when she was in rehab after the stroke – during which the legal separation from husband number six took place – I thought she wouldn’t want to see such a blatant reminder of happier times when she came home, so I removed it from the wall. The first thing Rue said after 100 days in the hospital upon walking into her kitchen was: “Where’s my clock?” I said: “It had Rue & Morrow and your wedding date on it, so I figured you wouldn’t want to look at it every day.” Rue responded: “And it also told time, so please put it back up.” She always cracked me up. Anyway, in that last picture we posted, taken at one of her parties, that man standing next to Rue with the this wedding clock on the wall behind them ended up becoming her divorce lawyer to end the very marriage the clock celebrated – strange, eh? Anyway, the clock measures 12″ square and it is powered by a single AA battery. Comes with prints of the images shown and a Certificate of Authenticity.


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