Rue’s $1.69 Notebook That We Have Priced at $2,500 (WHAT!?) [On Hold]

We found this old notebook in a stack of Rue’s papers at the bottom of one of her file cabinets in the home office of her Manhattan apartment. The first thing we noticed is the coffee splatter marks on the cover and that let us know it was DEFINITELY Rue McClanahan’s! Before the old notebook hit the trashcan someone opened it up and just look at what was discovered – it is a treasure chest with over half a dozen of Rue’s “doodles” inside. If we had to assign levels to Rue’s “doodles” we’d have to say this notebook has a couple minor ones, a couple more that are pretty good examples of her work, and three that are unquestionably MAJOR! All the “doodles” are worthy of framing, even some of the little sketches in pencil, but that will be up to you. We were going to break the thing up and do the framing ourselves, but we decided to keep the piece intact, just as we found it. Rue’s “doodle” notebook comes with a Certificate of Authenticity from Estate of Rue.

$2,500 NOW $1,250

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