Rue’s 100-Year Old Cruet [SOLD]

As you probably already know, Rue collected many different things, and several of those collections centered on glassware. She used to comb antique stores wherever she was sent for whatever movie, television show, or theatrical production she was working on at the time, and she’d search for pieces that she felt a connection with. There were no rules or governing principles for Rue’s acquisitions – and cost was not an issue – if Rue liked something, she bought it, had it shipped to one of her homes, and then she’d figure out how to fit it into one of her collections. This particular piece still has the original tag on the bottom, so we know that it is a cruet from 1908, it was made by the U.S. Glass Company, and the pattern is called US Peacock. That alone certainly makes this piece a rare collectable, but then add in that this 5.25″ cruet belonged to Rue McClanahan for the last 25-years and the provenance – its history – goes to a completely different level. This piece appears to be in great shape – there are no obvious chips or cracks – and it comes with a Certificate of Authenticity from Estate of Rue.


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