Rue’s 1976 Playbill From “A Chorus Line” (And a Story) [On Hold]

“A Chorus Line” opened on Broadway in 1975, and by 1976 it was already touring. It held the record for longest running Broadway Show for over 20-years. Rue was in “Maude” at the time and living in Los Angeles so she had to wait to see it until it opened there. Luckily, some of the original Cast transferred from Broadway to the Los Angles production and so Rue was able to see “A Chorus Line” with Donna McKechnie in the role that made her famous – “Cassie.” Rue could spot talent, so after the performance she went back stage and made a beeline for Ms. McKechnie. With Rue’s dance and acting backgrounds, she knew that Ms. McKechnie was the real thing. Donna McKechnie jotted her number down for Rue on the front of her Playbill and here it is – 40 YEARS LATER! This piece of Rue McClanahan and Donna McKechnie and Broadway history comes with prints of the photos shown and a Certificate of Authenticity from Estate of Rue.

By the way, I was recently at an event here in Manhattan and ran into Donna McKechnie – see the photo posted. She looks great, right?


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