Rue’s Amazing Doodle Script From “The Golden Palace” [On Hold]

First of all, as we’ve mentioned before, so many of Rue’s things have coffee stains on them, and this piece is no exception. Second, we love how when Rue was doodling on something that she spilled coffee on she would incorporate the coffee stain into the design. Do you see the way she outlined each mark? Third, this is one of the most intricate of Rue’s script doodles; it takes up almost the entire cover! Forth, and finally, there are only a few of these left. Oh, wait, one more thing – a trivia fact. Margaret Cho, the comedian, made her television debut in this episode and almost 20-years later, during an appearance on “The View,” she talked about how nervous she was and credited Rue McClanahan for helping her and getting her through the experience. That is a young Margaret standing next to Rue at the piano during the filming. Rue’s doodle script from “The Golden Palace” comes with prints of the photos posted and a Certificate of Authenticity from Estate of Rue.

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