Rue’s Amazing Garnet (?) Ring [$450][SOLD]

We will absolutely freak out if this ring turns out to be rubies! We had a jeweler look at it and he said he thinks it is gold and garnets, and that it was made in what used to be Czechoslovakia; but the cloudy, dark inclusions in individual stones looked a little ruby-esque. Even garnet though, it is an amazing piece. There are about 16 of the little stones, 10 of the bigger ones, and then two of the large. The whole face of the ring measures 1″ x .75″ – it is big! It is missing one stone from where Rue banged it on something, and you can even see the slightly bent prong where the stone was set free. This accident may have been the same one when the jade bracelet was broken in two – drunken limbo contest in Jamaica (Oh, Rue!) – but we aren’t sure. The ring is a size 8 and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity from Estate of Rue.


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