Rue’s Amazing Patchwork Cape (With an Eight Foot Swing!) [SOLD]

Talk about dramatic! Just look at this wool cape we found in Rue’s closet. This thing is 54″ long from collar to hem, and it has an 8-foot spread along the bottom from one side to the other. You’d pretty much HAVE to turn corners fast and throw your arms out so it opened fully every time you walked – being a drama queen is basically required while wearing a garment like this. The piece is very old, but still in great condition. We are certain it was used in something – a movie, a television show, a theatrical production – because this is not your typical item of clothing. However, we haven’t been able to track it down, so we’re posting it in “Rue’s CLoset” as a cape that belonged to her instead of in “Working Girl” where we think it really belongs. If you figure out what production it is from, please let us know though because we’d love to pull an image of Rue wearing this fabulous cape. Comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.


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