Rue’s American Express Bill With Lipstick Kiss on Rent-a-car Receipt [SOLD]

Rue occasionally would give a fan a special treat by signing her name and then giving the paper a lipstick kiss. In 1989, during the peak of “The Golden Girls” she zipped back to her hometown in Oklahoma for a visit. She rented a luxurious Lincoln Town Car and when she went to pay for it – perhaps thinking to give a surprise to the desk attendant – she paid with her Amex and then kissed her copy of the receipt. For whatever reason, it ended up back in her home office stapled to the bill. Now, over 20 years later, here it is and it is still going to be a special treat for a lucky fan. This unique collectable item is perfect for framing and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity from Estate of Rue.

$125 NOW $62.50

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