Rue’s Bar Tray (And a Story!) [SOLD]

We actually can’t believe that we’re posting this item, but what else are we supposed to do with it? We can’t throw it out, and we even found a picture that shows Rue with the tray, so the provenance is clear. Certainly someone out there will want this whack-a-doodle piece. Anyway, here is how Rue ended up owning and using a beat up old bar tray. One night we were at this private club for creative types on Gramercy Park called “The Players.” (Founded by, and located in the townhouse of Edwin Booth, by the way, the brother of the guy who shot President Abraham Lincoln.) I’m not saying we were smashed, I’m just saying it was a festive night. Many drinks came back and forth on this little tray and we were talking about how cool it was that the server could balance them all. Rue remarked that she could easily balance a tray full of drinks just like the server because of her dance background and perfect balance. People scoffed because it is a skill to balance martinis and beer steins on those little trays, a skill that takes a long time to master. Well, Rue LOVED a challenge, and so she ordered another round and asked if she could carry it from the bar to the table on this tray. Everyone was dubious, but how could they say no to Rue McClanahan? They made the drinks and placed them all on the tray and then we all held our breath and waited for the crash as Rue slid the tray onto her hand and lifted it to shoulder height. Then, effortlessly, she glided around the room, making two laps, and served each of us our drinks without spilling a drop! She got a standing ovation and was awarded ownership of this beat up bar tray. Although, I saw the tab for that night – which Rue insisted on picking up – and I saw her pass wads of cash to the server, bartender and busser, so it really was an EXPENSIVE tray. Oh, one other thing, the reason it is in the photo with Rue in her kitchen is she actually used the tray to carry food and drinks to guests in her house for the rest of her life, and she never spilled a drop – isn’t that a hoot? Rue’s bar tray comes with a print of the photo posted and a Certificate of Authenticity from Estate of Rue.


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