Rue’s “Bat Cape” from “Hope & Faith” [SOLD]

Rue was a smart cookie, so she built it into her employment contracts that she got to keep all wardrobe used. That intelligence worked both ways, too. When she was on a show and she knew she had something in her closet at home that would work for the character she was playing, she’d call whatever house it was in and have whoever was there box the item or items up and ship it or them to the set. The black cape Rue wore on “Hope & Faith” – and we call it the “Bat Cape” – was one of those items. When Rue’s character had to hide in a trunk and then go through the movements necessary to get herself up and out – not necessarily a graceful procedure – Rue knew she wanted a covering piece that would hide all she had to do to get the heck out of the trunk, and she knew her bat cape was perfect. Aside: growing old ain’t easy, you’ll see! Because of the distinctive silver clasp on the piece, it is easily identifiable in the screen grabs shown. Rue’s black wool cape, with a black velvet collar, is 6-feet wide and 3-feet high. Rue sometimes used a belt to tie the center, so we will include that as well. The piece comes with the screen grabs shown and a Certificate of Authenticity.


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