Rue’s Big Ceramic Bowl (NYC Area Only) [SOLD]

This is another one of those pieces we think will have to go to someone in the NYC area because we’re going to hand deliver it. The bowl is very thick and heavy, perfectly durable, but this piece is so large already, we don’t think it would be sensible to pack it the way it would need to be packed and pay for shipping it abroad. If you live outside NYC and want this bowl, and are willing to pay for professional packing and shipping, then send an email to and we’ll work it out. You can see this great piece under the light stand during the photo shoot in Rue’s living room, and then in her dining area, too. The signature on the bottom actually looks like it reads: “RM 1982,” and we all thought Rue might have made it – nothing would surprise us anymore – but, on second look, we think it is signed “Robert 1982.” Rue had this piece for many years and yet it is in excellent condition; not a chip or a crack to be found. You can see this 18.5″ x 5″ + bowl in the background in the photo of Rue’s ashes on the sideboard in her dining area, too. Comes with prints of the images shown and a Certificate of Authenticity.


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