Rue’s Black And Gold Caftan [On Hold]

Oh, please don’t think that Rue McClanahan suffered from dandruff when you look at the shoulders of her black caftan, because it is absolutely not true, those white specks are actually plaster dust. You see, since we had already rented the space for Rue’s café, and since they hadn’t started on construction yet, we decided to use the space for this quarter’s photo shoots. Well, Julio, Rue’s handyman, was doing some core samples under the existing drywall in the space to see what was underneath – by the way, he found MARBLE SLABS(!) – anyway, when he dug into the plasterboard, a cloud of plaster dust settled on everything. Rue’s black and gold caftan was made by “Santé Classics,” it is a size “L,” it will be dusted before we send it to you, and it will come with a Certificate of Authenticity from Estate of Rue.

$275 NOW $137.50

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