Rue’s Black Disney Sweatshirt [SOLD]

Okay, I have something to tell you and you can’t tell anyone, agreed? Many people complain about Disney being too big and this cold corporate entity, or whatever, but Rue never did. Rue was grateful Disney was there to make sure that certain shows and movies she appeared in could come into being and then get distributed around the world. She never focused on how much money went into their pockets from her projects, rather she accepted and was, again, grateful for the substantial sums that continued to flow into her pockets through Disney’s efforts. Disney has this beautiful plaza right outside their executive offices on the main Disney Studio Lot in Burbank, California, it is called “Disney Legends Plaza” and it is gorgeous. The company presented each of “The Golden Girls” with one of their “Disney Legend Awards” and paid homage to them with these bronze plaques on a pillar in the plaza. Rue wasn’t well enough to travel out to California for the ceremony when they gave her the award – she accepted via a satellite television hookup from the library in her Manhattan apartment – but she planned to visit and see the plaza the next time she went out to California. Unfortunately, she never got back out to California and never got to see the plaza or her plaque. After she died, when I was going out to California for the Beverly Hills Auction of some of Rue’s things, the people at Disney invited me to visit Disney Studios and the Legends Plaza and see Rue’s plaque – and it was at that moment that I knew what I had to do. I brought Rue’s Emmy on the trip and shot it outside the main gate of “The Walt Disney Company,” and I photographed it on the bench beside Rue and the other “girls” plaques in the plaza. I figured it was a symbolic gesture for Rue since she never got there herself. Then, I asked the person assigned to escort me around the lot if I could have some time alone on the plaza near the plaque. They totally understood and gave me some privacy. Well, in addition to bringing Rue’s Emmy, I brought some of Rue’s ashes with me out to California. All I’m saying is that in a very real way Rue McClanahan finally got to visit the Disney Legends Plaza and her beautiful plaque, and she will ALWAYS be there. Anyway, here is Rue’s personal sweatshirt from “The Walt Disney Studios.” Of course, being Rue’s there are a couple marks on it – pasta sauce?. We actually found a picture of her wearing this sweatshirt with her son Mark – that is them visiting Disneyland back in the early ’60s in that old snapshot – and we’ll include a copy of that image with the sweatshirt. It also comes with an large print of Rue with Mickey which is perfect for framing and a Certificate of Authenticity from Estate of Rue.

$275 NOW $137.50

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