Rue’s Black “Hookers” and a Pair of Screw-Back Monet Earrings [SOLD]

As we’ve mentioned before, Rue loved “Hookers” – the pierceless earrings designed by Barbara Barnett that hang from one’s ears. Rue was wearing this pair of “Hookers” in the photo that flashed around the world on the day she died. She had recently worn them to the opening of a Broadway Show and then to the after party at Sardi’s with Bernadette Peters, so that was why the image was probably initially used by the press. Since we are selling Rue’s earrings in pairs now, we’ve joined this Internationally famous pair with a pair Rue wore years ago in her personal life – screw back Monet earrings. The “Hookers” are gold-filled and measure 1″ x 2″, and the Monet pair are .25″ x .50″. Due to the unique provenance of the “Hookers” we are sending individual Certificates of Authenticity from Estate of Rue.


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