Rue’s Black Squares and Blue Screw-Backs [SOLD]

These two pair of Rue’s earrings come with a print of the picture showing her wearing the black stone and rhinestone squares, and one Certificate of Authenticity listing both pairs. The squares measure .5″ and the screw-backs are about 5/8″ at their widest and 1.75″ long. I’ll see if I can find the original picture of her wearing the squares and print that out, because in it she is standing next to her old friend Marty Richards. Mr. Richards produced one of Rue’s first movies – “Some of My Best Friends Are” – and lived a fascinating life. Not only did he become a very successful producer – he produced “Chicago,” and then sued the Weinstein brothers when they didn’t pay him all he felt he was due for the movie version – but he also married a Johnson & Johnson heiress and inherited a fortune when she died. I think her family ended up suing him to try and get some of the 100s of millions back, but they lost. Anyway, I digress, here are Rue’s earrings and they come with a cool picture.


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