Rue’s British Colonial Era Brass and Mosiaic Bangle from India [SOLD]

Just over 40-years ago, Rue made her first trip to England. She was cast in a multitude of roles with a few other American actors and they spent some weeks abroad performing “The Raree Show” – she had the poster framed and kept it the rest of her life. Rue absolutely adored England, and made several more trips there over the years; in fact, almost 20-years later, she went over with “The Girls” and performed a scene from “The Golden Girls” for the Queen Mother and Princess Margaret, no kidding. Anyway, Rue picked up this old brass bangle while she was in England. It is from the British Colonial Era, probably early ’40s, when there were many people living abroad and then coming back with foreign treasures. The piece is brass with some sort of a mosaic inlay. The bangle is 3/8″ high and about 3″ across. The piece comes with a Certificate of Authenticity from Estate of Rue.


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