Rue’s Carved Maori Box Given To Her By Her Son Mark [On Hold]

Like most mothers, Rue always thought of her son as a little boy. Also, like most mothers, no matter what her son gave to her – crayon drawings, pipe cleaner sculpture, macaroni necklaces, etc… – she adored and kept forever. Sometimes her boy hit the ball out of the park though and gave her something she not only adored as a mother, but also as Rue McClanahan, world class shopper and collector. This vintage carved Maori box with paua shell inserts is just such an item. Rue genuinely loved this piece. When a big earthquake hit the Los Angeles area in the late ’80s, this piece flew off of Rue’s dresser in her adorable Encino house (photo posted) and a little corner of wood popped off. Rue said she looked for that little piece for days but never found it; she figured one of her cats or dogs thought it was a bit of kibble and probably ate it. Nevertheless, she displayed this piece in her various homes for the rest of her life, and when asked its origin, she’d proudly say: “That was a gift from my son.” Rue’s carved Maori box comes with a Certificate of Authenticity from Estate of Rue.


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