Rue’s Cat’s Lead Crystal Pedestal Water Bowl [SOLD]

You wouldn’t expect Rue’s big black cat Kate to drink out of a plastic bowl or something, would you? Well, she didn’t. In fact, Miss Kate drank out of this 4.25″ high, 5.75″ across lead crystal pedestal bowl. You can see it was always on the little wheeled bar between the kitchen and living room in Rue’s Manhattan apartment. In fact, when Rue was in the hospital and we were having her carpets cleaned and the apartment painted so she could come home to a sparkling place, we had to pile all this stuff into the area by Kate’s bowl, and you can still see it is there and always ready for her. When we tried to move it Miss Kate let us know who was in charge. Comes with a couple of 4″ x 6″ screen grabs where you can see Rue with Kate’s bowl somewhere in the frame, and a Certificate of Authenticity.


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