Rue’s Deep Purple Tumbled Amethyst Necklace [SOLD]

Here is another beautiful necklace by Rue’s favorite jewelry designer – a person whose name we don’t even know! Do YOU recognize the work, or have any idea who this mysterious “A. R.” is? How about Anne Rice? Perhaps she is supplementing her book royalty checks with some jewelry designing? It could happen. Rue knew Ms. Rice, too. Anyway, the necklace is 21″ long and the center medallion is 2″ long, with the large stone being 1.25″ of that length. Those metal tubes seem to be aluminum, but we aren’t certain. All we know for sure is that this necklace is absolutely gorgeous, but we don’t need to write that here because you can see that for yourself. Comes with a Certificate of Authenticity from Estate of Rue.


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