Rue’s Depression Glass “Goji Berry Bowl” [BACK ON SITE] [SOLD]

As a threshold matter, what the heck is a goji berry? Rue was an absolute pusher when it came to these little red, chewy things. She would talk about antioxidants, free radicals, the fountain of youth, and then bring it all home by offering you a goji berry. ASIDE – the way this piece is lit on Rue’s kitchen counter is absolute perfection – we wish EVERY item was photographed as clearly! BACKSTORY – you probably already know Rue collected a lot of Depression-Era glassware, and unlike many collectors, she didn’t display her pieces, she actually used them all the time. There were several small bowl she used to put things in on her counter – often goji berries – and this is but one of them. Alright, now that the threshold issue, the aside, and the backstory are taken care of, let’s get to the item at hand. This bowl is in great condition and it measures about 5″ x 2″. It comes with prints of the photos shown and a Certificate of Authenticity.


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