Rue’s Divine ’70s Beach Cape [SOLD]

This is a “substantial” garment. Let’s just focus on the measurements first: from the top of the collar to the hem is 52″; from the opening running down the center to the tip of one of the wing spans it is 51″, which means both wings extended are over 8-feet wide; and the wings are about 30″ top to bottom – this is a BIG cape. Next, the materials: it is made of a thick, high-quality wool, and it is fully lined with this printed or hand-painted, again, thick cotton – this piece has some mass and weight. This is a durable item as well; despite its age – probably at least 35 years old – it is in excellent condition. Finally, can you say DRAMA? Check out the look from behind, with all the folds and the enormous hood. Was Rue planning on wearing this when she hung out with Stevie Nicks? Also, you can throw one of both wings over the shoulder, beach or blue side up, in a dramatic gesture that could only be pulled off by a certain type of woman (or man…). This fabulous cape belonged to Rue McClanahan and so it probably was used in a television show, a movie, or in a theatrical production – we don’t know where. However, when we find an image, we’ll forward it to the new owner immediately. Rue’s cape comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.

$425 NOW $212.50

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