Rue’s Drama-Causing Wind Chimes [SOLD]

Like Kathleen Turner’s character in “Body Heat,” Rue loved wind chimes. The yard of her California home was full of them, and she even had several chimes in the yard of her Manhattan apartment. There were many large glass doors and windows that opened onto the yards of both her California and NYC homes, and so Rue would open them all up and listen to the chimes. She said it made her feel good to know there was a breeze blowing even if she was indoors and couldn’t feel it on her skin. In California, that was no problem since she lived on several acres of land, but in NYC, with neighbors stacked right above her, the wind chimes were NOT a big hit. Rue could be stubborn when she wanted to be though, and so despite strongly worded letters from neighbors, and even involvement of the co-op board, Rue refused to take the chimes down – GO RUE! It turned into a real battle of wills that lasted at least a year. Finally, in an effort to compromise, Rue went out and put tape around all the tubes and even some around the striker. It really didn’t change anything except the key though, but still, it was a nice gesture. Finally, Rue came up with the solution of having a swinging bracket put on the outside wall of the building, and when she wanted to enjoy the chimes, she swung them out from the wall and they would play their tune – with this particular set made by the high quality Woodstock Chime Company, they play Scott Joplin’s “The Entertainer” – and when she wasn’t going to be around, or it was too windy, she swung them against the wall and they were silent. Isn’t that great? Although the tape was no longer necessary, she never removed it and so we didn’t either. We are selling this set of Rue’s chimes – tape intact – with the swinging brace from the wall, too. If you have cranky neighbors in close range, you can use the Rue solution – it worked! Comes with prints of the yard photos shown and a Certificate of Authenticity.


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