Rue’s Early Hoselton Swan Sculpture [SOLD]

This is a very graceful and elegant piece that Rue loved and owned for more than 25-years. You can see the swan on the mantle of one of her California homes back in the early ’80s – that’s her first husband with her, and this photo was taken more than 30-years after they divorced! Rue found the piece when she was up in Canada making a movie and she displayed the sculpture for years in her California homes and then her New York City apartments. The brothers who create these aluminum works of art have become quite well-known and successful and their mark is now very stylized and perfect. As you can see, this swan is from back in the day when they, literally, were etching the bottoms of the pieces themselves with a hand-held wand. Rue’s swan is 2″ wide and about 3″ front to back; it stands 5.5″ high. You can see the swan sitting on a glass shelf in the master bathroom of Rue’s Manhattan apartment, which is where it was the day she passed. Comes with prints of the photos shown and a Certificate of Authenticity from Estate of Rue.


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