Rue’s Eight-Piece Polish Porcelain Tea Set Without The Pot [SOLD]

Where is the teapot for this set? Either Rue smashed it to smithereens years ago, or it is down at her Texas house and we just haven’t come across it yet. In either case, she did manage to hang on to and use these eight-pieces from this vintage Polish set. The sugar bowl is 3″ high and 6.75″ across, handle to handle. The creamer is 5.25″ high and 5.75″ handle to spout, and it has a little 4.5″ drip plate underneath. And both cups are 2.25″ high and 4.75″ across, and they both still have their 5.75″ saucers. Rue’s eight-piece Polish tea set without the pot comes with a Certificate of Authenticity from Estate of Rue.


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